Bushue HR, Inc. offers your organization the executive expertise and top-level services of a fully functioning HR department. We specialize in small to mid-sized businesses, school districts, municipalities, and community colleges.

Human Resources, Risk Management, and Insurance are three of the largest costs to almost all organizations. These areas are also the most complex and present ever changing challenges for organizations to contend with. Our organization can assist with navigating through all of the complexities that many organizations face. Our services are of vital importance to all organizations. Whether a small to mid-sized start-up company without a functioning HR department or an established organization with an HR department needing an extra pair of hands, Bushue HR can provide the skills and expertise without the expense of a full-time employee.

Our focus is to be proactive and responsive to our clients' needs. As a new client, we want to ensure we meet your expectations. We begin by establishing a regular meeting scheduled at a convenient date and time. These meetings will focus initially on the critical needs of the company. “Critical needs” are items that you may need to address first, some examples might include employment issues, accident reporting, unemployment claims, or insurance bidding. Once we have those needs under control, we will focus on developing and establishing preventive and proactive programs to manage client risk.


  • The services we provide are necessary for the effective operation of companies.
  • Many employers don’t currently have the resources or expertise to effectively address the risk management and compliance challenges in human resources, risk management, and insurance.
  • Even if an employer has some resources and knowledge internally or from other sources, we can provide at less cost than internal resources or other providers and can assist with proper integration.
  • Many of our clients save enough in “cash” savings to pay for the investment, in addition to the “value” of the services provided.
  • Our proactive management style, programs, and processes save money today in addition to alleviating future costs for your company.
  • Our strong relationship with many resources provides a comprehensive approach for clients.
  • Our relationships with insurance carriers and experience in human resources and safety provide the most proactive risk management process to assist employers in decreasing costs and managing risk.

Other Money-Saving Opportunities

  • Savings in purchases from other service providers (Examples include attorney fees, other consulting fees, insurance services, etc.) - Keep in mind attorney services are still important for analysis, clarification, and litigation, our services focus on ensuring less risk from litigation, which provides a lot of savings (some of which you do not see since the lawsuit does not occur).
  • Savings in the forms of purchases (we have many forms, policies, and procedures that our clients utilize) rather than purchasing from other vendors.
  • Savings in insurance cost — Decreasing liability, worker’s compensation, and risk will save money directly. Additionally, many insurance carriers provide better premiums to our clients that have implemented programs to decrease risk.
  • Savings in internal costs - We provide guidance and resources for executives and management, which allow their time to be used more effectively in other areas. We do not replace any current staff or work, just provide efficient resources that make work easier and less time-consuming.
  • Savings from services - Savings in litigation costs, meeting compliance requirements, decrease employee turnover, improve compensation & benefits programs, improving productivity through improved practices, a safer workplace, and less liability through decreased risk and transfer of risk are just a few of the saving opportunities